First Lady accompanies President Trump to visit shooting victims

Say what you want about President Donald Trump, the man is not afraid to walk straight into a fire, even if when he knows he is in a lose-lose situation.

Melania Trump has shown the same resilience, often accompanying Trump on these trips, just as she did during the visits to hospitals in both Dayton and El Paso. 

Walking into the fire

For several days, Democrats told Trump to stay away from these cities. Beto O’Rourke was among the first to suggest Trump was the actual cause of the shooting.

Once he put it out there, both the media and Democrats rallied around the lie. This created a very hostile situation for Trump in both Dayton and El Paso, but he and the First Lady went anyway.

As it turns out, many people in both cities were happy to see the President.

The family of one victim in which both parents were killed, leaving a newborn baby behind, actually asked the President to take a picture with them

In what must be one of the worst moments of their life, having a picture with the President while holding the nephew they must now raise surely lifted their spirits at least a little.

Media slant

That particular picture went viral. Of course, both the President and First Lady were lambasted by the media. However, as in most situations, the actual circumstances of the picture were presented in a misleading way.

The media concentrated on the fact the First Lady was smiling and Trump was giving a thumbs-up.

Most outlets did not offer the insight that both the victim and the surviving family were reportedly Trump supporters.

The media made an assumption, apparently a very wrong one, just to make the President and the First Lady look bad to Americans.

Donald and Melania Trump have received the bodies of our fallen with family members, they have traveled to see victims of natural disasters, and now they have visited the survivors of two of the most horrific shootings we have ever seen… yet the media still attacks them and twists the facts. Sad.

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