Eunice Gayson, first James Bond girl, dies at age 90

One of the most famous Hollywood stars from the 1960s has passed away.

Eunice Gayson, who starred as the very first Bond girl from the James Bond series, passed away on Friday night at the age of 90.


Gayson played Sylvia Trench in Dr. No.

Originally, the plan was to have her appear in several Bond films, but that changed when Guy Hamilton was brought in to direct Goldfinger.

After appearing in only two of the films, Gayson was sent packing. But not before making her mark on the franchise by helping the leading man get his line right.

That First Line

Sean Connery was not always the cool, collected character we saw onscreen portraying the British spy.

According to Gayson, when it came time to say, “Bond, James Bond,” for the first time, Connery kept getting tongue-tied.

Rather than saying the line properly, Connery kept using variations of his own name with the Bond name.

Finally, the director had seen enough and urged Gayson to take Connery out for a drink to calm his nerves.

That apparently did the trick, as Gayson stated he was able to recite the line without a problem after the libation.

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After the Bond films, Gayson continued on to have a very successful career as an actress.

Most notably, she appeared in The Saint and The Avengers.

Her thespian talent will be missed.

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