Fired Feinstein staffer posts bizarre video dancing in office while high on drugs

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) appears to have had a bit of a drug problem in her office. While it wasn’t the senator herself hitting the peace pipe, it was one of her former staffers.

According to the Daily Caller, Jamarcus Purley, Feinstein’s now-former legislative correspondent, was captured in bizarre video footage smoking a joint while apparently high on psychedelic mushrooms. He also danced the entire time while listening to music.

The former aide was apparently disgruntled with his employer and eventually did a number of interviews in which he explained his bizarre exit from what was otherwise a prominent position.

Dance moves

Purley began the video by clearly showing that he was smoking a large joint. Once the music started, the former staffer can be seen dancing while sitting on top of the chair to his desk, before ultimately standing up and taking his dancing to a new level.

He eventually untucked his shirt, removed his jacket and tie, and really got into the moment.

His level of intensity increased once again as he hopped off the desk and propped up the camera to capture his entire drug-induced dance routine.

Why’d he do it?

As the story is told, by Purley himself, the defiant last act was his response to being terminated after he got into an argument with a number of other staffers in the office, during which he apparently accused Feinstein’s office of “not caring about” Black people.

“I had come so far, I thought, and now Feinstein won,” Purley said during a later interview.

He added: “That’s when I ate some shrooms thinking they had won. While I was on the shrooms I came to the realization of what I had to do. I put on a suit because the walls in Congress aren’t real if you wear a suit. I had just bought some Jordans the day before. I was happy as f**k.”

Purley claims that his wild departure video was purely to draw attention to the racism issue he believes is present within Feinstein’s office. He even posted the termination letter he received on Instagram, and turned it into a paid ad before Instagram ultimately removed it shortly after.

“I thought about how special my mom and Black women would feel seeing me dance to that song in particular, in a space where they aren’t welcome at all. Then I started the video,” Purley proudly proclaimed, adding that it was the “best night of my motherf***ing life.”

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