Trump on if he will fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions’: ‘We’ll see what happens’

Almost since the day he was sworn into office, there have been persistent rumors that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on the verge of being fired, largely due to his near-immediate recusal from all things related to Russia and the 2016 election, which seems to have hampered Sessions’ ability to be an effective head of the nation’s law enforcement efforts.

President Donald Trump has certainly done his part to fuel those rumors with plenty of disapproving comments and tweets about Sessions and the recusal — though he has always stopped short of saying if he’ll fire Sessions or not. 

When asked if Sessions would be fired because of the recusal following the midterm elections in November, Trump replied: “I’m not going to tell you that, we’ll see what happens. But I think it was a disgrace.”

“We’ll see what happens”

Just moments earlier, Trump had sarcastically dismissed the whole “Russian collusion” narrative and resultant Robert Mueller special counsel probe as a manufactured “con job” and “witch hunt” that was only brought up by Democrats and the media as an excuse for losing an election they believed they had already won.

“We’ll see what happens, it just continues onward, and Jeff Sessions should have never let it happen — he should’ve never recused himself,” Trump said.

Asked if Sessions would remain in his position as attorney general following the elections, Trump replied, “I’m not going to tell you that, we’ll see what happens. But I think it was a disgrace.”

“By the way, my enemies — people that are on the other side — say for him to have taken the job and for him to have immediately recused himself, is a disgrace. They say, ‘Trump is right about that,'” the president added.

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Wide-ranging interview

The rest of the 25-minute interview focused on topics like the incredible economic gains made over the last two years, the upcoming midterm elections and the allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, and Trump’s heavily criticized meeting in Helsinki, Finland with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Watch the full interview here:

It has been made abundantly clear for more than a year now that Trump is highly disappointed in the job that Sessions has done thus far, or perhaps more accurately, failed to do.

Yet in spite of countless remarks expressing disapproval in Sessions, the president has yet to offer up a conclusive answer to the question of whether he will fire him or not.

As Trump is so fond of saying, “we’ll just have to wait and see what happens” in that regard.

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