Financial disclosure forms show Biden’s senior officials have deep ties to Wall Street

President Joe Biden likes to portray himself as “middle-class Joe” —  but that same portrayal cannot be applied to a number of his top advisers in the White House.

Recent disclosures revealed that many of those closest to Biden are exceptionally wealthy multi-millionaires with deep ties to various corporations, executive boards and councils, consulting and lobbying firms, and Wall Street, Breitbart reported.

The financial disclosure forms for top executive branch personnel were made available to the media and “interested parties,” per request, by the White House on Friday.

Financial disclosures released

The financial disclosure forms show that several of Biden’s closest aides greatly enriched themselves prior to joining his administration by way of lucrative connections to and employment with major corporate entities and investment firms, according to CNBC.

Some of those who have now revealed their previously undisclosed wealth include chief of staff Ron Klain and deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon, as well as National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, senior adviser Mike Donilon, and White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeffrey Zients, among others.

The Associated Press, in reporting on the details of the vast wealth held by those surrounding “Middle-class Joe,” laughably framed it as being unfortunate that those individuals were too wealthy to qualify for a stimulus check as part of the so-called relief package that Biden recently signed into law.

The AP also noted that virtually all of the top aides and advisers who have now disclosed the true measure of their accumulated wealth had previously worked in former President Barack Obama’s administration prior to enriching themselves in the private sector before rejoining the federal workforce in the White House.

Money made between Obama and Biden years

ABC News compared the current financial disclosures with what had been disclosed during the Obama years and found that, for most of the individuals, their wealth doubled or tripled or, in at least one case, increased as much as ten-fold over the brief span of years separating their respective employment under Obama and Biden.

The White House seemed reluctant to provide any follow-up comments or further details related to the financial disclosure forms.

However, an unnamed White House spokesperson did say in a statement, “These White House officials are experienced government leaders whose past private sector experience is part of a broad and diverse skill set they bring to government service.”

“They have returned to government because of their deep commitment to public service, their desire to help bring our nation out of this time of crisis, and their strong belief that government can work for the American people,” the spokesperson added.

The AP noted that, in addition to not matching Biden’s purported “middle-class Joe” persona, the disclosures also fly in the face of demands from the far-left progressive wing of the Democratic Party that Biden refrain from surrounding himself with wealthy corporate consultants and lobbyists with ties to Wall Street and big business.

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