Finally: The New York Times admits Hunter Biden’s laptop is real

The New York Times has finally admitted that Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop and its contents are indeed authentic. 

It only took the outlet about two years longer than anyone with some common sense.

It’s confirmed

This is the laptop that in 2019 was supposedly abandoned by Hunter Biden at a repair shop in Delaware. That was before it was handed over to the FBI.

Since then, there have been all kinds of reports detailing some of what has been found on the laptop, including everything from insights into Hunter Biden’s questionable overseas business dealings to salacious images and videos.

The New York Times for the past two years has denied all of this. During the leadup to the 2020 presidential election, the Times claimed that the whole narrative surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop, including the contents thereof, is little more than “Russian disinformation.” And, subsequently, the outlet labeled the story as “unsubstantiated,” until criticism forced the outlet to remove the label.

On Wednesday, the New York Times finally admitted to the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The outlet did so, though, in the most inconspicuous way possible, burying it in a story that mostly focused on the ongoing federal investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax filings.

In its report, the New York Times says that prosecutors have examined emails between Biden and some of his business associates that “appear[] to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop” and “were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.”

Exposing the mainstream media

Following the New York Times’s admission, Breitbart News put out a report exposing 15 “establishment media personalities [who] claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop emails were likely Russian propaganda.”

The list includes CNN’s Brian Stelter, Jim Sciutto, and Wolf Blitzer; MSNBC’s Ben Rhodes, Kyle Griffin, and Dave Aronberg; NBC’s Ken Dilanian and Heidi Przybyla; the Washington Post’s Max Boot; and more.

The best-case scenario, for these anchors, is that they buried their heads in the sand and refused to investigate the authenticity of the laptop and its contents because of the impact that it might have had on the 2020 presidential election. The worst-case scenario is that they knew the laptop belonged to Hunter and came up with a narrative to dismiss it so that it didn’t hurt Joe Biden in the election.

Neither scenario is particularly good. And, let’s not forget the Big Tech campaign against anyone who tried to share the laptop story.

The White House of President Joe Biden, so far, has chosen not to comment on the New York Times’s admission.

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