Laura Ingraham: Final Trump campaign push through Midwest ‘felt like 2016 all over again’

Although President Donald Trump has expressed displeasure with some of the coverage he has received from the Fox News Channel, a number of hosts clearly remain supportive of his administration and re-election campaign.

As one recent example, host Laura Ingraham confirmed what the Trump campaign has been repeating for some time: There is a massive amount of enthusiasm behind his bid for a second term.

“A heavy Democrat county”

The host of The Ingraham Angle was able to provide a firsthand snapshot after accompanying the campaign for a three-state campaign swing across the Midwest.

Ingraham began by describing the first leg of the trip, which hit Waterford Township, Michigan.

“Now this is a heavy Democrat county that Hilary Clinton won by more than eight points in 2016,” she said. “But today you would have sworn that this was the heart of MAGA country.”

Following a clip of her coverage from the rally, Ingraham noted the high-energy packed house of attendees despite the inclement weather and long lines.

“Now, even in freezing temperatures, you couldn’t sense that anything but excitement and energy was in the air,” she added.

“Based on the enthusiasm”

The next stop was Green Bay, Wisconsin, where Ingraham said the campaign was once again received by a large crowd. As she pointed out, Trump won the county by a margin of 11 points in 2016.

While that greeting might have been expected, the turnout in Rochester, Minnesota, was less anticipated, given local restrictions limiting the gathering to just 250 people. While the state has not gone Republican in a presidential race since 1972, Ingraham said that “based on the enthusiasm” she witnessed, she “would not bet against” Trump winning the state next week.

Ingraham called the plan to suppress the turnout was a “disgusting and frankly transparent effort” on the part of state Democratic Party officials.

In any case, the move backfired, as evidenced by the video Ingraham captured of a large crowd of people who showed up to the venue even though they were not allowed to attend the rally.

The popular Fox News personality summed up her experience: “I’ve been in politics for 30 years. I’ve never seen anything like this. Never. Not for Obama. Not for Clinton. Not for Bush. And, not even for President Reagan. Just have never seen anything like it. It felt like 2016 all over again.”

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