Fight Over Undated Ballots Reaches Flashpoint, GOP Sues

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Republicans have sued the state of Pennsylvania over its decision to count flawed mail-in ballots, such as those without a date, even though the Supreme Court indicated that really isn’t acceptable.

report from Just the News confirmed that just last week the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed in a dispute that came out of Pennsylvania that hundreds of mail-in ballots that had been counted had to be disallowed because they lacked a required date along with a voter signature.

Then the state ruled its own courts had approved that very counting system.

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The case is from the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and state GOP officials over its scheme to “illegally accept undated mail-in ballots.”

The plaintiffs stated, “As the Pennsylvania legislature and U.S. Supreme Court have made clear, undated mail-in ballots should not be counted.”

Their statement continued, “Republicans are holding Pennsylvania Democrats accountable for their brazen defiance of the Supreme Court and the rules duly set by the legislature. Pennsylvania Democrats have a history of election integrity failures and Pennsylvanians deserve better: this lawsuit is the latest step in Republican efforts to promote free, fair, and transparent elections in the Keystone State.”

It was on orders from Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, that state officials said they would continue counting those undated – and illegal – ballots.

The Daily Caller News Foundation explained the fight was lining up to “spark significant legal turmoil” around the coming 2022 elections.

Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakovsky warned the actions of Secretary of State Leigh Chapman could taint the election.

“Then what the court would want to look at is, well how many ballots were counted illegally under the statute and under these court rulings, and where those less than or more than the margin of error.”

Further, it would damage voter confidence, he said.

Democrats have complained that such omissions are simply mistakes and it’s not right to leave them uncounted.

The report continued, “Honest Elections Project Executive Director Jason Snead said undated ballots could be a legal flashpoint in the looming midterms, referencing the upcoming Senate election between Republican Republican Mehmet Oz and Democrat John Fetterman.”

“If the Senate race is close and there are enough undated ballots to potentially affect the outcome, the undated ballot question will almost certainly be litigated,” he said.

The @GOP@NRCC, and @PAGOP are suing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

As the Supreme Court has made clear, undated mail-in ballots should not be counted. (1/2)

— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) October 17, 2022

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