Fetterman experiences a significant dropoff in the polls

The tables appear to be turning in the race that is taking place between Republican Mehmet Oz and Democrat John Fetterman for a Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat.

While Fetterman has been dominating the polls thus far, Breitbart News reports that at least one poll now has Oz closing the gap. 

This poll comes from Fox News. It was conducted by the outlet between Sept. 22 and 26. 1,008 Pennsylvania registered voters were surveyed, and the poll’s margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

Oz closes the gap

One of the big findings that Fox made is that, now, Fetterman is only up by four percentage points: Fetterman sits at 45%, Oz sits at 41%, and, of the remaining percentage points, three went to the independent candidate, Everett Stern, and 11 went to “other/undecided/not vote.”

The significance of these findings can only be understood when they are compared to previous findings. Fox conducted the same poll in July, and, at the time, the outlet had Fetterman in the lead by 11 percentage points: 47% to 36%.

Yes, Fetterman is still in the lead. But, the trend, as the election nears, is in Oz’s favor. So, the question now is whether things will keep trending in Oz’s favor. We’ll see.

Other findings

Fox, in the remainder of its poll, tried to get to the bottom of voters’ preference for either Fetterman or Oz.

Regarding the issues, the top issues are inflation, the preservation of democracy, abortion, and border security. As would be expected, the Republican Oz wins with regard to inflation (52%) and border security, but Fetterman wins on the preservation of Democracy (52%) and abortion (58%).

Fetterman’s supporters are more enthusiastic than Oz’s by a margin of 61% to 38%. And, Fetterman enjoys the support of more Democrats (87%) than Oz does of Republicans (83%). The difference here is that Oz appears to be struggling to get the support of Republican women.

Also, only 34% are concerned about Fetterman’s health, whereas 43% are concerned that Oz is not familiar enough with the job of being a U.S. senator. These are, probably, the two top criticisms that the candidates have faced.

Looking ahead

The bottom line is that, with regard to most things, Fetterman is doing better than Oz, which explains why he continues to be in the lead in just about all polls.

But, some polls now have Fetterman slipping significantly, which suggests that this is shaping up to be an extremely close race – closer than the polls have been suggesting.

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