Female police officer shot and killed – suspect on the run

When the officer took the call, she thought she was responding to a typical disturbance.

The Baltimore County police officer, Amy Caprio (29-years-old) apparently stumbled upon a robbery in progress, though, and ended up being shot and run over.

The Call

According to local police, Officer Caprio took the call early Monday afternoon.

Someone had reported a suspicious vehicle in a residential neighborhood.

When Caprio arrived, she was surprised by the alleged robbers.

Witnesses said they heard a pop, like a gun being shot off.

They then said the suspect ran over the officer.

Police have recovered a vehicle they believe the suspect was driving.

In addition, Officer Caprio was wearing a body cam.

Local authorities are reviewing the film in an effort to piece together what happened as well as clues about the suspect.

The suspect is reportedly still on the loose and is considered armed and dangerous.

Far Too Many

As little as a couple of years ago, an officer being shot in the line of duty was rare national news.

Things like this just rarely happened.

Today, however, that badge is more like a target than something the demands respect in the community.

The local police chief stated, “Officers who have died at the hand of gunshots is up.”

“This is a bad time in the United States for law enforcement,” the police chief added.

That is just a bit of an understatement.

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Today’s officers are villainized due to the actions of a few, but the media doesn’t seem to mind how badly they are distorting the facts.

The result is officers like Amy Caprio are taken from us far too soon.

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