Female journalists in Afghanistan describe threat of violence or death under Taliban rule

President Joe Biden’s haphazard withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has sparked harsh criticism for, among other things, ushering in the brutal takeover by Taliban militants.

One group of individuals at an elevated risk of retaliation by the Taliban consists of female journalists in Afghanistan — and one such woman recently explained the danger in which she currently finds herself.

“If they find me they will kill me”

According to Fox News, the journalist asserted that she has been on the run and is hiding in different locations every day in a desperate bid to avoid retribution from the terrorist group currently exerting control over the war-torn country.

Her fearful account echoes those shared by other Afghan female journalists who now say they fear the potential fate that awaits them if they are identified and captured by the Taliban. Some have gone into hiding while others have been successful in fleeing the country.

“I don’t know what will happen to me, because if they find me they will kill me,” the journalist said.

The woman was identified as a frequent and outspoken critic of the Taliban and the atrocities committed by its members, acknowledging that such hard-hitting journalism has now made her a target.

“They are checking for the people who always talked against them,” she said, according to Fox. “Every day, I’m changing my address to be sure that they can’t track me.”

“We might be safe just a few days more”

As a result, the journalist said she is quickly running out of relatives and friends willing to provide a place to stay. She is also increasingly concerned that some of those close to her will turn her over to the Taliban or face severe punishment if they are found to have provided her assistance.

“I don’t know how long I can do this,” she said, as Fox reported. “I can’t put more people in danger because of myself. We might be safe just a few days more.”

The reporter shared one anecdote from her attempt to return to work after the Taliban captured the capital city of Kabul, explaining that she was turned away and sent back home by the militants guarding her office building. At that point, she said she fully realized the dire threat she faced and went into hiding with her younger brother.

Her account appears to align with other such reports, including one published by The Guardian in which multiple female Afghan journalists pleaded for help amid the death threats associated with their capture by the Taliban.

Tragically, these results can be linked directly to Biden’s chaotic troop withdrawal, which is a likely factor in his declining approval rating among Americans.

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