Convicted felon accused of brutal murder of tech CEO in Baltimore captured following multi-day manhunt

September 29, 2023
Ben Marquis

A prominent young rising star CEO in the tech industry was recently brutally murdered in Baltimore, Maryland, and a massive manhunt was launched to try to catch the primary suspect in that horrific crime.

Multiple reports now indicate that the suspect, a convicted felon released early from prison named Jason Billingsley, 32, was apprehended by police late Wednesday night after two days of searching for him by local, state, and federal law enforcement, according to Breitbart.

Incredibly, it has also been reported that Billingsley had already been on the run from authorities and pursued in a manhunt in relation to another sadistic alleged crime for nearly a week prior to the discovery on Monday of the brutalized body of EcoMap Technologies CEO Pava LaPere.

Arrested for brutal murder following manhunt

Baltimore's local Fox affiliate WBFF reported Wednesday night that Billingsley was tracked down and taken into custody without incident at a train station in Bowie, Maryland, about 30 miles south of Baltimore.

That was two days after LaPere, 26, who had recently been named to Forbes' "30 Under 30" list of rising star CEOs, had been found dead from "blunt force trauma" and partially unclothed on the rooftop of her upscale apartment building, according to the New York Post.

It is unclear how police identified Billingsley as the primary suspect in the murder of LaPere nor how he gained access to her apartment building, but authorities had already been searching for him for nearly a week in connection with another terrible crime in which he attempted to murder an unidentified couple after breaking into their home, tying them up with duct tape and holding them at gunpoint, raping the woman and slashing her throat, then dousing the couple with an unidentified liquid accelerant and setting them ablaze -- an egregious assault they both managed to survive.

The Post reported separately that police quickly fingered Billingsley as the suspect in that prior attack and launched a manhunt for him but, for unknown reasons, declined to alert the public that a dangerous and violent wanted criminal was on the loose in the city.

That report also noted that while LaPere's body was discovered on Monday, it is believed by police that she was actually murdered on Friday while Billingsley was evading the manhunt that reportedly came close to catching him on multiple occasions.

Why was a violent criminal released early from prison?

Breitbart noted that Billingsley had received a 30-year sentence in 2015 after pleading guilty to a first-degree sexual offense, forcible rape, but had astoundingly been released from prison early in 2022 under the direction of then-State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, a leftist prosecutor backed by progressive billionaire George Soros.

The Baltimore Banner explained that when Billingsley was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2015, an agreement was reached with the prosecutor for 16 years of that sentence to be suspended, meaning he only had to serve 14 years.

However, despite the violent nature of his prior sexual offense, he was deemed eligible to gain credits toward early release through good behavior and participation in education or work-related programs.

The judge presiding over the case reportedly expressed his disagreement with the short sentence for the violent criminal but nonetheless approved it since the victim refused to testify, and Billingsley was eventually released after serving a little more than nine years of the original 30-year sentence, though he was supposed to have been closely watched under mandatory supervision following his release.

Legitimate questions demand serious answers

Now, following all of that, the family and friends of LaPere are grieving and mourning the tragic loss of the beloved and inspirational young CEO who had launched her successful tech company from her Johns Hopkins University dorm room, according to the Post.

Meanwhile, serious questions have been raised that demand answers with regard to Baltimore's justice system and law enforcement and why Billingsley received such a light sentence for a violent rape, was released early from prison, was not closely watched once released, and managed to evade capture and commit multiple other horrific criminal acts for more than a week, among other pressing and relevant queries.

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