Feinstein demands investigation of Customs and Border Patrol over deaths

Senator Dianne Feinstein is taking a new angle in going after the Trump administration.

After the recent deaths of two migrant children while in border patrol custody, the California Democrat is demanding an investigation to see if she can pin the tragedy on the government agency.

Tragic deaths

In recent weeks, two children have died after their parents tried to sneak into the country illegally.

The first child, a 7-year-old girl from Guatemala, made national headlines after several stories and misinformation made it sound as though her death was the fault of our border agents.

In that case, the father did not make authorities aware of the condition of his child.

For hours, the child went untreated.

By the time authorities were able to treat the child, who CPB said was suffering from dehydration and shock, it was just too late.

The second child, an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy, died this past Tuesday.

After the child and his father had been taken into custody, he developed symptoms of illness. The authorities sent the child to be treated for what was deemed to be a common cold.

Doctors prescribed ibuprofen and amoxicillin to treat the boy.

After leaving the treatment center, the child became nauseated and started to vomit.

The child was returned to the treatment center but died later that night.

The medical examiner reported that the boy tested positive for influenza B. But at this time, authorities have still not yet released an official cause of death.

Dangerous journey

While Feinstein is blaming immigration authorities to grab headlines, she is missing the obvious here.

It is the parents who are taking their children out of their homes, dragging them across hostile terrain, then dropping them into the lap of our government agencies.

The border patrol agents, who are not doctors, have no idea about the past medical history of these children or if they have some existing condition. Further, the sheer number of children and families attempting to illegally cross the border has sky-rocketed, straining the medical resources available.

These parents are putting their children in danger, a situation that could be completely avoided if they followed our immigration laws and came into the country legally.

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These children’s deaths are tragic, nobody is debating that fact.

However, Feinstein is putting the blame on the wrong party for political gain, and that is simply wrong.

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