Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein to be investigated over leaked Ford letter

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is not about to let Democrats continue their witch hunt without repercussions.

While appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation, Cotton said an investigation into Senator Feinstein’s office was being conducted in an effort to find the leak.


When Brett Kavanaugh’s first accuser Christine Blasey Ford initially came forward, her wish was for her identity to be hidden and her allegations to be kept confidential.

This is not exactly out of the norm for someone making allegations of sexual assault by a popular figure.

She entrusted that task to her local congresswoman and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

However, someone in one of those camps betrayed her confidence.

Somehow, both Ford’s name and her letter were leaked to the press and she was forced to come into the limelight.

The truth of her allegations at this point is not the question.

What is in question is how her information and requests were mishandled by someone on the Democrat side.

Where Is the Leak?

As was actually brought up during the hearing by several people, we need to find out where the leak occurred.

There were so few people in the actual loop, there are only a couple of places where this could have happened — the most obvious of which is Feinstein’s office.

Feinstein no doubt has dozens of employees on her staff, so it is reasonable to want to investigate them all to see if this is where the leak occurred.

When this point was brought up during the hearings, Feinstein was obviously very nervous about having someone check into her team.

Feinstein even went so far as to blame the leak on Ford herself, claiming perhaps she discussed it with a friend that called the media.

It was actually a rather disturbing moment of covering her own tail the media completely missed during the investigation.

While Feinstein pretended to be only interested in looking out for the interests of Ford, she completely threw the alleged victim under the bus to save herself.

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Now that Cotton has called for an investigation, we can only hope we are able to get to the bottom of it.

And, if Feinstein’s office is found to be the source of the leak, the Ethics Committee needs to take a long, hard look at her conduct in this case and hold her accountable.

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