Feinstein sets the record straight on impeachment trial stance

As hard as it is to believe, Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA) was one of the “maybe” votes for President Donald Trump’s acquittal before the Senate’s impeachment trial started.

But now that opening arguments have concluded, Feinstein says she’s a solid “yes” on having the president removed from office.

Creating a buzz

Once the initial phase of the trial concluded, the Los Angeles Times created a massive buzz with a report that Feinstein seemed to signal an openness to acquitting Trump in the Senate

Unfortunately, while virtually every conservative outlet ran with that version of the story, they all got it wrong, according to the California senator.

Prior to the hearings and the start of the trial, Feinstein was one of the few Democrats who seemed to have a reasonable head on her shoulders on the subject of impeachment.

She stated that she was going into the process with an open mind and would prefer for voters to decide Trump’s fate 2020.

What Feinstein really said

After the Los Angeles Times report was published and dozens of media sites reported that Feinstein had flipped, the California Democrat set the record straight.

So, as it turns out, Feinstein did change course — by flipping right back to the Democrat party line, and she now seems to agree that Trump should be convicted.

This is somewhat of a blow for Republicans who were hoping for a quick vote to acquit, but it is not the worst thing in the world for Trump either. Honestly, most people believed Feinstein was just posturing for the media and she, as most have Dems have been, was committed from day one to remove Trump from office.

Even without her vote, there are reportedly at least two Democrat senators and as many as four who seem to be ready to support acquittal immediately.

If that happens, Trump will be vindicated in a bipartisan result that will deal a death blow to Democrat hopes and virtually assure his re-election.

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