Sen. Feinstein briefly hospitalized following slip and fall in San Francisco home

August 10, 2023
Ben Marquis

One of President Joe Biden's fellow elderly longtime former colleagues in the Senate, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), has suffered a series of health scares and medical issues throughout much of the year.

On Tuesday, the 90-year-old California senator was reportedly rushed to a hospital to be checked out after falling in her home in San Francisco, according to the Conservative Brief.

Feinstein was released a short time later, however, and returned to her home after it was determined through tests that she had not suffered any significant consequences from the fall.

Hospitalized after a fall in her home

It was actually the celebrity gossip site TMZ that first reported the news of Sen. Feinstein's hospital visit after she tripped and fell in her San Francisco home.

The outlet noted that the extent of her injuries, if any, was unknown at that time, but also that she had returned to her home later that same evening.

The report went on to mention Feinstein's prior health episodes earlier this year that caused her to be absent from the Senate for roughly three months, how she has struggled and appeared confused and unwell since her return to Washington D.C., and how both Democrats and Republicans have been calling for her to resign from her position and retire from politics altogether.

Statements assert that Feinstein is doing well and suffered no injuries

According to CNN, a spokesperson for Sen. Feinstein issued a statement on Wednesday about the trip and fall incident and said, "Senator Feinstein briefly went to the hospital yesterday afternoon as a precaution after a minor fall in her home. All of her scans were clear and she returned home."

Per an unnamed source, Feinstein's fall was minor and did not involve any stairs or steps. The source further revealed that the senator has been fielding calls from concerned friends and colleagues, was described as being in "good spirits," and was said to have even jokingly complained that she didn't even receive a Band-aid during her brief hospital visit.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who was among those who spoke with Feinstein by phone, said in a brief statement of his own, "She said she suffered no injuries and briefly went to the hospital as a precaution. I’m glad she is back home now and is doing well."

CNN further reported on the senator's health issues throughout the year thus far, which included an extended absence from her job that began in February when she was hospitalized with a severe case of shingles, after which her recovery was complicated by the development of conditions like Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and encephalitis.

The outlet also took note of Feinstein's several bouts of clear confusion since her return to the Senate in May, as well as that numerous House Democrats were increasingly becoming more vocal in calling for the elderly senator to step aside in order to allow somebody else younger and in better health to take her place and actually fulfill the duties of the job Feinstein was elected to do.

Daughter has obtained power of attorney over mother's affairs

Meanwhile, amid the mounting health issues and legitimate concerns about her ability to continue to perform her job, NBC News reported that it was recently revealed in court documents that Sen. Feinstein's daughter, Katherine Feinstein, has obtained power of attorney over her mother's affairs.

That development came amid a legal fight against the trust that manages the estate of the senator's late husband, which the daughter has accused of not providing sufficient funds to cover her mother's mounting medical expenses.

However, details of the developments in that dispute are sparse and a spokesperson for the senator refused to provide any comment on what they described as "a private legal matter."

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