Sen. Dianne Feinstein caught dining with Iranian foreign minister

It would appear as though Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has been going behind the administration’s back. She’s done even pretending that she even cares about the Iran state-sanctioned violations of human rights anymore.

Feinstein, apparently unbeknownst to the State Department, sat down with Iran foreign minister Javad Zarif on Thursday.

Lying Again

Earlier this week, social media was blowing up with a picture of Senator Feinstein’s phone with an open screen. It was of importance because according to the picture, the contact information for Zarif was on the phone.

Everyone was curious why she would be interacting with him personally, and now we know. Feinstein was apparently setting up her dinner date with the foreign minister.

The senator’s office stated the dinner had been set up “in consultation with the State Department.” But that’s not what the State Department is saying.

According to the State Department, it never asked her to open any discussions with Zarif.

Tensions Rising

To say Feinstein’s choice of dinner partners is odd would be a massive understatement.

We are merely days removed from Zarif taunting and threatening the United States.

Furthermore, why would Feinstein even be interested in this right now? She is the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which had nothing at all to do with foreign affairs.

The only other committee she serves on that would be remotely associated with Iran is Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, but it would be a stretch at best to say this would give her reason to sit down one-on-one with an Iranian diplomat.

It’s incredibly disturbing that Senator Feinstein is publically breaking bread with officials of a country so antithetical to everything the US stands for.

Feinstein needs to publicly explain exactly what her objective was in participating in this dinner because it was clearly done without the proper authority.

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