Dianne Feinstein caught flip-flopping on ‘blue-slip’ policy

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) decried the use of “blue slips” in the judicial confirmation process years ago. Way back in 2001, Feinstein declared, “The blue slip should hold no place in this body.”

She’s not saying that anymore. These days, she’s accusing GOP senators of “ongoing disregard for Senate norms and traditions” in regard to the blue slip courtesy — a long-held Senate tradition that allows the home-state senators of judicial nominees to express their opinions about the candidate, generally written on a blue slip of paper.

Feinstein is upset the Republican-headed Senate Judiciary Committee did not automatically disqualify President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees for the 9th Circuit Court.

She wanted the candidates to be disqualified from consideration because neither she nor Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) provided a blue slip approval for them.

But you said…

But back in 2001, Feinstein made a very strong case for the abolishment of the blue slip courtesy.

The basis of her argument was that a single opposing-party Senator could block an otherwise acceptable judicial nominee from gaining approval.

“Under our current procedure, though, any Member of this Senate, by returning a negative blue slip on a home State nominee, or simply by not returning the blue slip at all, can stop a nomination dead in its tracks,” she wrote.

“No reason need be given, no public statement need be made, no one would even know whom to blame. With a secret whisper or a backroom deal, the nomination simply dies without even a hearing. This is just plain wrong.”

“The blue slip process as it now stands is open to abuse. I would join with those… on the Judiciary Committee who would move to abolish the blue slip,” she continued. “This is one Member of the Judiciary Committee who will happily vote to do away with the blue slip,” Feinstein concluded.


The abuse of which she spoke is happening right now in the Democrat party.

Both Sens. Harris and Feinstein rejected Trump’s nominations for one simple reason… the nominees are conservatives.

It is high time someone asks her to justify her clear flip-flop in stance simply because it no longer suits her party’s mission.

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