Feds seize phones of Trump advisors as part of January 6 investigation

July 19, 2023
Jen Krausz

On the heels of former President Donald Trump's announcement that he received a letter from Special Counsel Jack Smith that he is a "target of the January 6 grand jury investigation," the New York Times reported that the feds had seized phones belonging to Trump associates to see if they discussed any illegal activity around the election, such as appointing alternate electors who would support Trump in key states.

Other news reports stated that the phones had been seized in September 2022, including the phone of Trump's then-in-house counsel Boris Epshteyn and Mike Roman, who directed Election Day operations in 2020. The phones of Jeff Clark and John Eastman were also seized.

Back in June, Clark spoke to Tucker Carlson about a raid on his house, saying, "I don't recognize the country anymore with these kinds of Stasi-like things happening," while Carlson called the action "Soviet."

Interference and a cover-up

The attempted political assassination of Trump is not only the Biden administration's way of getting his chief political opponent out of the way--which is blatant election interference--it is also an attempt to distract the American public from investigations into Biden's own alleged wrongdoing in taking payouts (bribes) from foreign business interests with the help of his family.

The Biden administration's sleight of hand may be working on mainstream media outlets like NBC, CBS, ABC and leftist cable outlets CNN and MSNBC.

Those hacks are all-too-happy to focus on Trump indictments and all but ignore House Republicans' findings about the Biden family, but they no longer have a stranglehold on information distribution.

Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, and a slew of podcasts, talk radio shows, and smaller sites have a much greater combined reach than mainstream media these days.

Getting the word out

For example, the Verdict with Ted Cruz podcast gets a million distinct listeners a month and has been reporting about the Biden investigation nonstop.

Similarly, Carlson's move to Twitter has seemingly given him a much larger audience, with his several times weekly episodes receiving tens of millions of views each on the platform.

Those in the American public who are paying attention know exactly what Biden is trying to do, which is why Trump's support among Republicans has remained so high.

Trump's gains in polling since his first indictment in April are largely a reaction to Biden's attempts to bring his election opponent down, and Biden's drops in polling since that time could be for similar reasons (or the economy and the border, which continue to be a disaster, there are so many things with Biden).

Voting Biden out

Of course, seeing the obvious (Biden election interference) and proving it are two different things.

As long as Biden's DOJ has plausible deniability and can say they are only trying to bring Trump to justice, there's probably not much people can do about it--except vote Biden out at the ballot box. That should do the trick.

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