Feds investigating Tony Podesta after Mueller criminal referral

While mainstream media outlets are touting the beginning of the Manafort trial and Trump’s alleged collusion with Russians, something major is taking place.

Members deep inside the Clinton camp are finding themselves under investigation, including Tony Podesta, the brother of Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager.

Podesta’s on the Hot Seat

All during his campaign, Donald Trump continued to ask the question as to why the Podestas were not being looked into more seriously by the Mueller team.

Now that the Manafort trial has started, he has once again started asking questions about Mueller.

While nobody knows if Trump’s most recent tweets were the inspiration for the turn of the investigation or not, Mueller took a more in-depth look at the Podesta Group.

That “quick look” resulted in Mueller notifying federal prosecutors there may be something of interest for them to check out.

More Implicated

The investigation also netted a few more rather interesting names.

In addition to Tony Podesta, attorney Greg Craig is on the new hit list.

Craig is of note because he once served a counsel to Obama’s White House.

Vin Weber is also the list.

Weber is a former GOP Congressman from Minnesota.

While no charges have been filed at this point, the general consensus is these individuals are suspected of having failed to register as a foreign agent.

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According to reports, the dots are connected due to their names coming to light in the Manafort investigation.

Fox News reached out to all three parties, but the media outlet was unable to get a public statement from any of these individuals.

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