Federal Reserve report cites vaccine mandates as reason for nationwide labor shortage

The American labor market was already suffering unprecedented disruptions as America slowly emerged from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic and Americans who previously worked full-time kicked back and collected President Joe Biden’s extended unemployment checks.

But according to the Washington Examiner, the situation has taken yet another turn for the worse, as you might have noticed in your neighborhood’s business district. The Federal Reserve is now officially blaming COVID-19 vaccine mandates as yet another reason why businesses can’t seem to find workers.

According to a recent “Beige Book” report, which is essentially a collection of anecdotal observations from Federal Reserve banks across the country, one of the reasons cited for the hiring difficulties that employers are still experiencing is Biden’s nationwide vaccine mandates on businesses.

“Child-care issues and vaccine mandates were widely cited as contributing to the problem, along with COVID-related absences,” the report noted.

Grim future

While President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates for businesses that employ over 100 workers have yet to be in force, the Federal Reserve in many cities, like Atlanta, Georgia, believes that such a mandate will further cripple the already struggling labor market.

Many businesses have reportedly preemptively enacted Biden’s mandate, while others have various private vaccine mandates that continue to cause disruptions in the workforce.

“Most employers shared that they would like to implement COVID-19 vaccine mandates but were concerned about losing employees,” the Atlanta Fed indicated. “Worries about employee mental health, burnout, safety, and vaccine mandates impacting company culture were mentioned.”

The report comes after grim news released in August that indicated some 4.3 million U.S. workers, or roughly 3% of the entire labor force, quit their jobs, according to an earlier report from the Examiner.

Companies are worried

Companies from small to large are greatly concerned about the deteriorating situation in the labor market, as the conditions are not improving, as they were once expected to after the worst of the pandemic was behind us.

Whirlpool CEO Marc Bitzer made clear that he’s “worried” about the labor market during a discussion about the decreasing birthrate in the United States, according to a recent CNBC report.

Democrats, including the president, continue to insist that things will get better. However, with a budding supply-chain crisis, and increased concerns of inflation, mixed with the unwillingness of millions of Americans to return to the workforce for a number of reasons, the future — at least under Biden — looks quite dark.

The worst part is that we’re only nine months into the Biden-Harris administration. One has to truly wonder whether America can make it to 2024 when, hopefully, a Republican takes back control of this great nation.

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