Reports indicate federal prosecutors closely scrutinizing Hunter Biden finances, drug use

Despite initial media denials and dismissals, it is now being widely reported that Hunter Biden is the subject of a broad federal investigation by prosecutors and a grand jury in Delaware that is looking into his foreign business dealings and alleged tax law violations.

Recent reports indicate that the federal probe has been ramped up in the past few months and is scrutinizing Biden’s business practices and personal behaviors even more intensely than before, according to the Daily Mail.

The investigators are reported to have been interviewing and questioning before a grand jury some of Biden’s business associates and other witnesses with information about his financial situation and personal issues.

Federal investigation broadening

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the federal prosecutors in Delaware’s tax probe was “gaining momentum” following new information obtained via testimony from some of Biden’s associates about the foreign sources of his income — particularly his lucrative stint on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

Also of interest to the federal investigators is how some of that income was spent and at least one grand jury witness was questioned about Biden’s history of alcohol and drug abuse, spending habits, and mental state.

Prosecutors are reportedly looking into whether Biden violated certain tax laws as well as whether he violated federal foreign lobbying regulations among other potential crimes related to his questionable business deals in foreign nations including China, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, among others.

Funds from Kazakh oligarch used to purchase hybrid sports car

The New York Post reported that the federal prosecutors were said to have expressed a particular interest in a hybrid electric sports car that appeared to have been purchased via funds directed to Biden’s company, Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC, that had originated with a Kazakh oligarch.

Bank statements show that a Kazakh banker, Kenes “Kenges” Rakishev, provided $142,300 to Biden’s company in 2014. Shortly after that, Biden spent $142,000 on a Fisker Karma sports car that he eventually traded in later for a Porsche.

Interestingly enough, Fisker Automotive was a start-up that received more than a half-million in loan guarantees from the Obama administration — and had been highly touted by then-Vice President Joe Biden — only to go bankrupt just a couple of years later, costing taxpayers approximately $139 million in defaulted loan payments.

Tax code violations, money laundering, foreign lobbying regulations

According to The Hill, the Hunter Biden federal probe began in 2018 with regard to potential tax law violations but eventually was expanded to cover allegations of money laundering and unregistered foreign lobbying issues.

It was reported earlier in March that Biden had taken out a loan to pay off approximately $1 million in back taxes owed to the IRS. That wouldn’t necessarily shield him from possible criminal charges but could result in a much lighter sentence if convicted than if the debt remained.

It remains to be seen what the conclusion of this investigation might entail and when that might be, but The Hill reported separately that a top CNN legal analyst, Elie Honig, said the issue was quite serious and there was a “realistic chance” that Biden could eventually face federal criminal charges.

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