Federal Judges say they will not hire radical leftists over hysterical anti-free speech behavior

Judge Elizabeth Branch has become the 14th federal judge to confirm that she will not be hiring clerks who are graduates of Yale Law School over concerns about free speech.

Earlier this year, an event hosted by the Alliance Defending Freedom at Yale Law School was shut down by rabid leftist protestors, and the school did nothing about it. The message was clear, Yale Law School does not believe in free speech and the graduates it is turning out are not fit to serve in the judicial system.

The movement by federal judges is important as it sends a message to these woke law schools that their insane leftist ideology will not be tolerated.

Wokeism out of control

Judge Branch told the National Review that “My friend, Judge Jim Ho, recently raised legitimate concerns about the lack of free speech on law school campuses, Yale in particular. Like Judge Ho, I am gravely concerned that the stifling of debate not only is antithetical to this country’s founding principles, but also stunts intellectual growth.”

Judge Branch took a relatively neutral approach to the issue and stated she would be making exceptions when it comes to hiring from Yale.

However, Judge Ho was far less forgiving of the disgusting culture that has grown at Yale and other law schools.

Judge Ho announced in late September that “Yale not only tolerates the cancellation of views — it actively practices it. Starting today, I will no longer hire law clerks from Yale Law School. And I hope that other judges will join me as well.”

Judge Ho even called out Yale Law School Associate Dean Ellen Cosgrove, who reportedly “was present throughout the entire [ADF] event — did nothing.”

The actions of the law students and Associate Dean Cosgrove demonstrate a serious culture issue at Yale, and it is long past time that federal judges make it clear it won’t be tolerated.

Cancer in higher education

Kristen Waggoner from Alliance Defending Freedom painted a terrifying picture of the incident saying, “It was disturbing to witness law students whipped into a mindless frenzy. I did not feel it was safe to get out of the room without security.”

American higher education is creating mindless zealots who look nothing like the enlightened individuals that higher education should be making.

The truth is that the problem extends far beyond Yale Law School. The left infected higher education decades ago, and Americans are finally seeing the results of the cancer that has festered for far too long.

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