Federal judge rejects “equity” agenda, calls it discriminatory

A federal judge dealt a blow on Friday to the “equity” agenda espoused by those on the left like Vice President Kamala Harris and called it what it is–discrimination against some based on their race.

U.S. District Court Judge Claude Hilton ruled that an elite top public school in Virginia could not legally use equity as a basis for its admissions policy to favor some minority applicants over others, according to Breitbart.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ) requires an entrance exam for admission, and the board of the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) instituted race-based considerations for admission that would exclude some of the majority Asian applicants that consistently score highest on the exam.

Hilton’s ruling made it clear that FCPS’s actions were unconstitutional: “The Board instituted a system that does not treat all applicants to TJ [Thomas Jefferson High School] equally. Placing the Board’s actions in a historical context leaves little doubt that its decision to overhaul the TJ admissions process was racially motivated.”

The equity push

The case arose when a group of parents, students, and alumni known as the Coalition for TJ sued FCPS over the policies, which come out of an equity agenda supported by the left and people of color like Harris, as shown in this tweet.

The left will never be satisfied until outcomes are equal for all people, but since when has that ever happened in history, even among people of the same race or gender?

It becomes an excuse to discriminate against whites and in this case, Asians, to try to level the playing field. In other words, denying opportunities to one group and awarding them to another even when their achievements don’t qualify them.

The problem with equity

The problem with equity is that it goes beyond providing help for the disadvantaged so they can get the same opportunities other groups have.

Where equity goes wrong is that it looks at outcomes and only sees race or historic injustice, never considering differences in effort, work ethic, or innate ability.

Because of these factors, their version of equity will never be achieved, giving them a reason to continue engaging in discrimination indefinitely.

Or until the courts and elected officials like Glenn Youngkin stop this unconstitutional practice once and for all.

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