Federal judge puts ‘the brakes’ on Trump-backed lawsuit over mail-in voting: Report

A federal judge just handed down a decision that comes as bad news to President Donald Trump’s efforts to secure the 2020 election.

According to The Hill, Judge Nicholas Ranjan, who serves on the U.S. District Court in the Western District of Pennsylvania, said Sunday that his court “will apply the brakes” to a lawsuit from the Trump campaign against the state of Pennsylvania to give state courts a chance “to weigh in” on the matter.

The campaign’s suit takes on what it calls “Pennsylvania’s radical new vote-by-mail system,” which, according to The Hill, “allow[s] anyone to vote by mail without a reason.”

“The laughing stock of the world”

The president, for his part, has warned against widespread mail-in voting, arguing that it opens the door to election fraud.

“Universal mail-in voting is going to be catastrophic, it’s going to make our country the laughing stock of the world,” Trump said last week, according to the BBC.

He went on: “The problem with the mail-in voting, number one, is you’re never going to know when the election is over.”

But it seems Judge Ranjan isn’t seeing the urgency of this issue. According to The Hill, he wrote in his decision Sunday that “the appropriate course is abstention, at least for the time being.”

Counting the votes

Trump’s campaign, for its part, says the fight isn’t over.

In a statement issued after the judge’s ruling, Trump’s deputy campaign manager, Justin Clark, said “[t]he President’s fight against the problems of Pennsylvania’s radical new vote-by-mail system has been running on parallel tracks in state and federal court for some time,” as The Hill reported.

“The judge’s stay today is simply a recognition that the multitude of issues surrounding Pennsylvania’s dangerous voting system — including ballot harvesting and double voting — touch both federal and state constitutional issues,” he added, according to The Hill. “The federal court is simply going to reserve its judgment on this in the hopes that the state court will resolve these serious issues and guarantee that every Pennsylvanian has their vote counted — once.”

According to The Hill, the Trump campaign’s lawsuit was filed in conjunction with “the Republican National Committee (RNC) and four Pennsylvania Republican members of Congress — Glenn Thompson, Mike Kelly, John Joyce and Guy Reschenthaler.”

One can only hope they end up reigning victorious in this fight to keep America’s upcoming election fair for everyone involved.

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