Rumors of Afghanistan troop withdrawal creates fear of ‘new’ 9/11

President Donald Trump shocked many with his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria this week. The president is rumored to be considering similar options in Afghanistan as well.

In light of these reports, some warned an Afghanistan withdrawal would be a mistake and could even lead to another “9/11” attack here in the United States. Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) said, “I hope these reports are simply not true. Our ongoing efforts in Afghanistan are necessary to ensure another 9/11 does not occur. With threats rising from ISIS-K and other terrorist groups, America’s presence in Afghanistan today is as important as it has ever been to protect the homeland and our allies.”

“Inevitably, our drawdown or pullout from Afghanistan creates the conditions by which ISIS-K”—the terror group’s Afghan arm—”takes over Afghanistan, and at that point [the country is] in worse shape we’ve seen it since 9/11,” he told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday.

Fake News?

As the rumors started to surface, President Trump was quick to send out a tweet saying most of the news about his withdrawal is nothing more than fake news.

President Trump was quick to point out that our forces were only supposed to be in Syria for three months — and that was seven years ago.

He said that “ISIS is largely defeated” in that area and it is time to bring our troops home.

The remaining job, the president believes, falls on the shoulders of Middle Eastern countries now.

Notice how he never mentioned anything about a complete Middle East withdrawal in his tweet.

Stoking the Fear

As usual, the media is running rampant on stories based on pure speculation.

The story they are telling is the one coming from anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats.

So far as we know, right now, the president has no intention of pulling troops completely out of Afghanistan.

He has vowed to obliterate ISIS, something that clearly cannot be done if the United States removes its presence completely from the Middle East.

In an effort to dissuade the president from making such a move, Banks has stated he plans on meeting with the President to fully update him on the situation in Afghanistan.

Banks stated, “We have to get back and remember why we’re in Afghanistan to begin with and that’s to prevent attacks on the homeland.”

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He continued, “We’ve been very successful at that in Afghanistan and now the rise of ISIS-K at this moment at the same time we’re pulling out created the conditions where more than ever before we’re creating a recipe for disaster in Afghanistan that could have a really horrible impact down the road when it comes to attacks on the homeland.”

One would have to assume the president will clarify the United States’ plans very soon to kill this speculation and put Americans at ease over the holiday season.

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