FDA 'castigated' for dangerously 'misleading' COVID-vaccine labels

July 5, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A lot of things went wrong during the COVID-19 pandemic that originated in a Chinese lab working on dangerous bat viruses and circled the globe, killing millions.

First, there was how the virus moved into the human population and took its toll. Then there were those mandatory "vaccines" that weren't vaccines at all and failed to stop infections.

Then the massive number of side effects – and deaths from those shots – still is climbing.

Now a new report is blasting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for "misleading" the American public with its promises on mRNA COVID vaccine labels.

report at Just the News revealed that the FDA is refusing to label potentially severe side effects or "even tell recipients the shots can't stop transmission of an increasingly immune-evasive virus."

The report confirmed autopsies and medical records show "a much higher incidence of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine-associated heart deaths than officially categorized in South Korean, Japanese, and Qatari government registries, particularly in younger people at lower risk from COVID."

And it said a study, even funded by the FDA for the Journal of the American Medical Association of Pediatrics that involved three million children ages 5-17, found a "signal" for several serious heart diseases, shortly after vaccination.

The report went through the results:

  • A Nature journal article cited a Taiwanese study finding a "much higher" risk of visual impairment among the vaccinated.
  • From South Korea was a study in the European Society of Cardiology's journal that confirmed 61% more "vaccine-related myocarditis deaths following autopsies than recorded in the country's vaccine injury registry, all under age 45."
  • And it said a number of influential medical researchers had asked the FDA to demand vaccine makers add various health warnings to their labels, but were refused.

They, in fact, "castigated" the federal bureaucracy and called the mRNA labels being used "misleading."

"Whatever one thought of the initial shots, people are now getting boosted indefinitely with little reliable information about scientific developments," explained University of Maryland pharmacy faculty Linda Wastila and Peter Doshi.

In fact, the report explained the FDA is requiring "proven" links from mRNA to problems, instead of following a federal law that only requires "some basis" to believe there is a threat.

The report said former New York Times drug industry reporter Alex Berenson has expressed concern over the possibility mRNA vaccines carry a 1-in-50,000 risk of sudden cardiac death for "healthy young adults" and thus "several thousand sudden deaths from mRNAs within weeks - in people at almost no risk from Covid."

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