FBI witness in Biden gun trial blows up false narrative about infamous laptop

 June 6, 2024

An FBI agent has blown up the notorious narrative that Hunter Biden's laptop is "Russian disinformation," telling the jury in his gun trial that the computer he abandoned at a Delaware repair shop is real.

The confirmation from FBI witness Erika Jensen comes nearly five years after the FBI first obtained the laptop, which was censored before the 2020 election on the false pretext that it was a Russian fake.

Prosecutors in the gun case are using the laptop to show that Biden was lying about his crack addiction when he bought a gun in 2018.

Hunter Biden laptop bombshell

Ahead of the trial, Biden's lawyers attempted to keep the laptop from being admitted as evidence by casting doubt on its authenticity.

Their arguments echoed a notorious false narrative that emerged in 2020, when dozens of former intelligence agents signed a baseless letter claiming that the laptop was "Russian disinformation." The bogus claim was used to justify suppressing the laptop story, which was first made public by the New York Post.

Gradually, the laptop's authenticity has been recognized by major media outlets that initially refused to cover it, including the New York Times and Washington Post. 

Prosecutors working for Special Counsel David Weiss dismissed the attempts of Biden's lawyers to exclude the laptop as based on a "conspiracy theory," and on Tuesday, FBI agent Erika Jensen explained that agents authenticated the device by matching the data with Biden's Apple iCloud account.

She responded "no" when asked if she had seen evidence of tampering.

Democrats double down

Republicans have long accused the FBI and DOJ of protecting Biden, who was initially set to receive a generous plea deal before it unraveled last year, setting the stage for his twin prosecutions on tax and gun charges.

The FBI reportedly verified the laptop's authenticity in 2019, when agents took it from a Delaware computer shop where Hunter Biden abandoned it. A copy of the hard drive was shared with the New York Post through Rudy Giuliani.

Despite the damning FBI testimony, some Democrats such as pro-Biden bulldog Dan Goldman (D-NY) have continued to insist that the laptop is unverified.

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