FBI forced to turn Comey memos over to judge

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg ordered the FBI to turn over former FBI director James Comey’s memos of his conversations with President Donald Trump to the court for review by April 1.

The judge will review the memos and determine whether or not to release them to the media.

Decisions, Decisions

After Judicial Watch, CNN, USA Today and other media organizations filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to have the memos released, Judge Boasberg ordered them turned over for review.

Judge Boasberg asked for both the clean and redacted versions of the memos to make his decision.

Initially, the FBI was using the special counsel probe as an excuse to keep the memos confidential.

Now, with Robert Mueller’s investigation finally over, the judge has ordered the memos to be turned over.

However, he has not issued a timeline as to when he thinks he would have a decision on what he would make public.

The Memos

Comey was a meticulous note-taker throughout his career, and after Trump took office, he started to write memos documenting his interactions with the president.

While the memos were deemed to be classified, Comey himself leaked part of the memos to the media to put heat on Trump.

The parts of the memos leaked made a case for obstruction of justice, which is what Comey was hoping for when he leaked the memos.

Since his dismissal, numerous experts and FBI officials have backed up Trump on his reasons for firing Comey.

Comey has yet to be held accountable for leaking classified documents, something several members of the GOP have expressed an interest in rectifying now that the Mueller investigation has come to a conclusion.

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