FBI agent Timothy Thibault, accused of partisan bias against Trump, in favor of Biden, abruptly resigns from bureau

Based on informations obtained from whistleblowers, top Republicans in Congress leveled serious allegations of political bias against a top FBI agent working in the bureau’s Washington Field Office.

That official, former FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Timothy Thibault, is said to have resigned his position and been escorted out of the building on Friday, Breitbart reported.

Thibault is accused of having harbored a bias against former President Donald Trump and is alleged to have played a role separately in both opening up an FBI investigation against Trump as well as attempting to prematurely shut down an investigation into Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden.

Resigned or retired

The Washington Times was the first to report Monday that Thibault had apparently “abruptly resigned” his position last week and that he had been seen being escorted out of the building by other agents.

The outlet acknowledged that it was unclear if Thibault had been forced out or had chosen to resign on his own, but noted that the agent had reportedly been placed on leave about a month ago following revelations that he had openly posted anti-Trump sentiments to his social media accounts.

CBS News reported this week on the sudden resignation of Thibault as well, but noted that he had already reached the threshold for retirement and that it was standard procedure for all employees leaving the bureau, whether on good terms or bad, to be escorted out of their respective office.

That said, the timing of his departure in light of the allegations against him has certainly raised some eyebrows.

Evident bias against Trump, in favor of Biden

Breitbart noted that, according to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the top Republicans on the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, respectively, whistleblowers had brought to their attention damning allegations of improper partisan behavior on Thibault’s part.

Grassley, in a letter to FBI Director Christoper Wray, alleged that Thibault had worked to falsely label accurate information about Hunter Biden as “disinformation” and that he had attempted to close particular avenue of investigation against the president’s son and even tried to specifically mark it in the FBI’s system so that it couldn’t be reopened in the future.

Jordan, meanwhile, also heard from other whistleblowers about Thibault and how he had acted to “pressure agents” to categorize certain investigations as “domestic violent extremism” — a favored catchphrase of the left for its political opponents — in order to beef up the numbers of such cases and support that Biden White House narrative regarding such extremism.

Agent denies any wrongdoing through attorney

For what it is worth, CBS News reported that an attorney for Thibault said the agent was “not fired, not forced to retire and not asked to retire,” that he had walked out of the FBI building “by himself,” and that, “Claims to the contrary are false.”

The attorney further added that Thibault was not involved in the FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, was not in a supervisory role over the Hunter Biden investigation, and that he was “cooperating” with the internal probe into his biased social media posts and “expects to be fully exonerated.”

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