FBI raids business enterprise linked to Joe Biden’s brother: Report

It would appear that Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, is not the only member of the Biden clan with dubious business ties who is also accused of exploiting the family name for personal financial benefit.

RealClearInvestigations reported that a bankrupt Florida-based health care company closely associated with James Biden, the former vice president’s brother, was the target of FBI raids late last month.

FBI raids and bankruptcy

According to court documents filed in the bankruptcy case of Americore Holdings — a company that purchases and manages rural hospitals and in which James Biden was considered a “principal” —  both the home of now-former CEO Grant White and a hospital facility in Pennsylvania were raided by federal agents on Jan. 29 and 30, respectively.

The court filing sought the appointment of a new trustee to oversee the bankruptcy — which was declared in December — or the dismissal of the bankruptcy altogether as well as the removal of White as the company’s CEO, a request that was later granted. White stood accused of having “grossly mismanaged” the business, of ignoring public safety in the manner in which the hospitals were operated, and of having “improperly siphoned money” away from debtors for his personal financial gain.

It is worth noting that it was not immediately clear what the purpose of raids were and also that James Biden was not specifically named in those court filings, though he is nonetheless closely connected with the business at issue.

Exploiting the the family name

Biden’s connection to Americore Holdings was revealed in a lawsuit filed in August of 2019 by the owners of a company known as Diverse Medical Management (DMM). Americore Holdings had attempted to merge with with DMM, with an eventual plan — accidentally revealed in an errant text message from Biden — to push out its two owners, Michael Frey and Dr. Mohannad Azzam.

During early negotiations for the merger, Biden allegedly promised to use his brother’s influence to attract international investments and ensure success for the smaller company. That promise was repeated to Frey and Azzam by one of Biden’s partners at Americore, Michael Lewitt, who allegedly told the others that the connection to the Biden family would prevent them from having to worry about legal exposure related to the proposed deal.

Throughout the talks, contingent on the promise of future investment and the support of the former vice president — who could potentially be the next president with even more influence — Frey and Azzam were encouraged to use their own funds and secure their own loans to purchase failing hospitals, assured that they would eventually be paid back by way of international investments that ultimately never materialized.

Not the Bidens’ only problem

On top of all of that, the Washington Examiner reported that James Biden has also been accused of exploiting the family name to pressure a former Joe Biden donor to extend a $500,000 loan to James that was used to purchase a secondary vacation home.

Furthermore, questions have been raised about a $1.5 billion grant that was awarded in 2012 by the Obama administration to a James Biden-affiliated business.

Setting aside those issues with James Biden, there are also some questions about whether another of Joe’s brothers, Frank Biden, has also cashed in on his relation to the famous politician and, of course, we all know about the speculation surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China.

Despite the efforts of Democrats and the media, they can’t prevent further scrutiny of the Biden family and, if the allegations against them are even partially true, they face some potentially serious trouble ahead.

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