FBI raids home of Democratic Atlantic City mayor

First he got caught on video while involved in a fight outside a casino last month.

But now Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam appears to be in more trouble after the FBI confirmed it raided his home on Monday.

Mayor Goes Ballistic in Public

While we are not sure what instigated the fight, it must have been enough to make some tempers flare.

When you look at the video, in addition to the mayor, one of the men involved in the fight is Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy.

As the video plays out, Fauntleroy can be seen squaring up to fight a man after he had tossed him to the ground.

Closer to the camera is Mayor Gilliam, who is being held back by a woman.

Gilliam clearly wants a piece of the guy and is eventually seen trying to punch him and chase him down the street.

As you can see for yourself, this is not the behavior one would expect for a high-profile mayor. Watch below:

Prosecutors said they would not file criminal charges against either man, however.

The Raid

Exactly why the FBI raided his home has not yet been revealed.

However, the Public Affairs officer for the FBI did confirm the raid.

FBI agent Jessica Weisman did not provide any further details, saying only, “We are here in an official capacity, executing a search warrant. That’s all we can say.”

On Monday morning, it was reported that FBI agents walked out of his house with almost a dozen boxes of material, including an Apple desktop computer.

In addition to the FBI, IRS agents were also reportedly on the scene.

Under normal circumstances, and by that we mean if Gilliam was a Republican, there would already be cries for his resignation.

Not only that, both the raid and the fight would have made national headlines.

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Somehow, though, the Gilliam story is buried in local news outlets and has barely been noticed on the national scene.

Just another day in the world of the corrupt Democrat party.

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