Jerry Falwell, Jr. wants FBI to help investigate ‘criminal conspiracy’ against him

Jerry Falwell, Jr. may not be the most recognizable name out there, but he is the president of the largest Christian university in the country — and he is also at the center of a huge controversy.

After a Politico exposé was published accusing Falwell of abusing his power as president of the university, the Liberty University president retaliated by alleging that the charges are part of a criminal conspiracy to remove him from the position, according to The Washington Examiner.


Falwell is sharing information with the FBI in an attempt to show a criminal conspiracy to oust him. Falwell says that people within his organization leaked documents to take him down.

The issue with this line of thinking is that it doesn’t prove Falwell is innocent of wrongdoing. It isn’t wrong to take down your opponent if they are doing something wrong.

The allegations against Falwell center around his consolidation of power as university president, and there have also been claims that Falwell is using university resources to benefit himself and his friends.

It’s gotten so bad that a senior university official said: “We’re not a school; we’re a real estate hedge fund.”

If these things are true, Falwell needs to be exposed. If they are false, then appropriate consequences need to be handed out. The FBI very well may be necessary to get to the bottom of this.

Falwell a Figurehead

Many people who work at the university think he is not suitable to lead the university. He shouldn’t be a figurehead for the Christian conservative movement either.

Corruption and misuse of an institution like Liberty University would be an awful thing.

Those who want to represent conservatism need to be held to a higher standard because their selfish actions can tarnish the image of the whole movement.

On the other hand, we can’t be quick to jump to conclusions based on the anecdotes of disgruntled former employees.

We need the truth, which hopefully, the FBI will be able find.

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