FBI is forced to give Biden 'bribery' document Congress

June 9, 2023
Robert Ayers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Thursday finally handed over to Congress the document containing information about an alleged bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden and a foreign national. 

U.S. Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the head of the House Oversight Committee, indicated as much on Wednesday, the same day that the House was going to vote on whether or not to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand the document over.

The House Oversight Committee put out a message suggesting that the threatened contempt vote "forced" Wray's hand.

"@RepJamesComer forces the FBI to cooperate!" the message reads, adding, "The FBI will allow all members of our committee to review the Biden bribery record and receive a briefing.   We will continue to follow the facts and ensure accountability for the American people."

There may be more to the story

The contempt vote may have had something to do with Wray's decision to finally hand the document over. But, many suspect that there is more to the situation than this.

It turns out that Wray handed the document over to Congress just hours before the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) decided to indict former President Donald Trump.

Fox News reports:

Trump is listed in the indictment, which has not been unsealed, as a criminal defendant charged with at least seven counts involving obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and illegal retention of classified government material. He has been ordered to appear in federal court in Miami on Tuesday.

Trump has already put out several statements denying any wrongdoing and arguing that this whole situation is election interference - that it is the Biden administration trying to stop Trump from becoming president again in 2024.

"This is the most corrupt administration in history—there has never been an administration so corrupt," Trump said.

Coincidence or not?

Many Republicans have highlighted the correlation between Wray handing the document over and the DOJ's indictment of Trump, suggesting that the happening of these two things within hours of each other is no coincidence.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), for example, said:

DOJ indicts former President/candidate Trump SAME DAY DOJ/FBI restricts access to unnecessarily redacted Biden allegations And they wonder why ppl think there r two standards for justice.

Similarly, U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said, "imagine being naive enough to believe that the Biden Bribe evidence and Trump indictment happening the same day was a coincidence."

What's in the document?

Fox separately reports on the contents of the Biden "bribery" document. Per the outlet:

President Joe Biden was allegedly paid $5 million by an executive of the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, where his son Hunter Biden sat on the board, a confidential human source told the FBI during a June 2020 interview, sources familiar told Fox News Digital.

Biden responded to the allegation, saying, "where's the money? I'm joking. It's a bunch of malarkey."

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