FBI gets scorched for its flaming 'Happy Holidays' greeting

 January 3, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The FBI of the days when it pursued and captured criminals and protected American citizens apparently is gone.

In recent years it has been documented to have colluded with Democrats to make up stories about President Donald Trump to try to hurt him.

Then it suggested traditional Catholics were domestic terrorists. And threatened pro-life protesters trying to keep unborn babies from harm. And more

It has been revealed to have ardent Trump-haters in the ranks of its agents, and then to have put those agents in charge of its coordinated attacks on Trump.

So when it released an innocuous holiday greeting just days ago, Americans were primed to respond:

Revolver News compiled a list of those comments, including:

"Is that Epsteins hard drives in that fire?"

"Are you guys burning evidence that could convict Hunter Biden in that fire?"

"What about a Merry Christmas? Do any of you godless feds wish anyone a Merry Christmas?"

"You being unemployed or in prison is the holiday gift America needs."

"Even their fire leans left."

"In case you haven’t noticed, Americans have lost all respect for you. You have no one to blame but yourselves."

"How fitting! A Dumpster Fire"

"There’s no time for pleasantries. Not when there are so many more innocent civilians that y’all can falsely label as domestic terrorists."

"Taking a break from terrorizing innocent Americans?"

"Still investigating churchgoers?"

"Good thing the FBI is busy prosecuting grandmas who walked into the Capitol holding a flag on January 6th…"

Revolver's report explained, "Are you old enough to remember when the FBI was seen as a somewhat reputable law enforcement agency, focused on capturing legitimate criminals? Many of us recall a time when the bureau wasn’t a weaponized arm of the radical left-wing agenda.

"Unfortunately, these days, the disgraced FBI has been exposed for what it is: biased, partisan, and prone to entrapment. Just look at J6 and the absurd 'Whitmer Kidnapping' plot. As a result of all this scheming and deception, the American public has lost trust and is fed up with their political schemes that ruin the lives of decent people while allowing many bad guys to roam free."

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