FBI gets involved in slaying of New Jersey Republican councilwoman

The FBI has become involved with the investigation into the recent murder of New Jersey Republican councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour as details of her personal life continue to become public. 

Dwumfour, 30, was shot to death in her car while pulling up to her house in Sayreville, New Jersey on Wednesday night. Witnesses said that they saw the gunman run off toward the Garden State Parkway, which borders her townhouse complex.

Her car traveled about 100 feet after she was shot, and then hit two parked cars.

So far, authorities have learned that she married a pastor who lives in Nigeria in December, and that she was deeply involved in a Nigerian church group in the area.

“Shocked and saddened”

She lived in Sayreville with an 11-year-old daughter from a previous marriage and was a part-time business analyst and EMT.

Sayreville Mayor Victoria Kilpatrick said the entire community was “shocked and saddened by the loss.”

“Eunice was a dedicated member of our borough council who was truly committed to serve our residents. The fact she was taken from us by this despicable criminal act makes this incident all the more horrifying,” she wrote.

Praising Dwumfour’s faith, she said, “On a personal note, I can’t adequately express my feelings of sorrow at the loss of a friend.”


Governor Phil Murphy (D) said he was “stunned” about the murder and offered condolences for her loss.

“Her career of public service was just beginning, and by all accounts she had already built a reputation as a committed member of the Borough Council who took her responsibility with the utmost diligence and seriousness,” Murphy said in a statement. “I send my condolences to Councilwoman Dwumfour’s family and friends, her governing body colleagues, and the entire Sayreville community.”

“She was happy with her new husband. It seems. Happy with her daughter, and she was living the life, the American dream. She was a beautiful motivated person, who did very well in the community,” Dwumfour’s former campaign manager Karen Bailey Bebert said. “I believe her daughter lit up her life. Jesus Christ lit up her life. She was very faithful and driven. She was a shining star.”

Police searched woods for weapon

Police got a tip about the murder weapon being thrown into the woods behind the townhouse complex, but they did not find anything when they searched.

The FBI has offered help to see if they can make any further progress in the case.

“We are aware of the investigation into the death of Councilwoman Dwumfour, in Sayreville Wednesday evening. We have talked with our local law enforcement partners at the Sayreville Police Department and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. Should they ask us for any assistance, we will do all we can to help their investigation,” the FBI said in a statement.

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