Report: FBI to examine prison cameras in Epstein case

Did Jeffrey Epstein really commit suicide on his own — or did something more nefarious take place?

To answer this question, the FBI is now investigating the source of two camera “malfunctions” outside the cell Epstein was being held in, Reuters reports.

Convenient Problems

The “perfect storm” of protocol problems that led to the Epstein suicide just had another item added to the list.

The FBI is currently investigating the death of the pedophile, as well as the circumstances leading up to his death. In the course of that investigation, the FBI found that two of the cameras outside the cell were malfunctioning.

The cameras have now been sent to the FBI crime lab for a full examination to see if this was a legitimate malfunction, or if the cameras were tampered with.

Raising even more suspicion is the fact that one of the cameras that was working did capture footage — but it was deemed to be unusable.

The Perfect Storm

Every prison has protocols in place. And when a high-profile prisoner like Jeffrey Epstein is being held, most prisons would go through painstaking measures to ensure every one of those protocols was followed to the letter.

In some cases, additional protocols are even put in place to ensure that if anything were to go wrong, the prison staffers would not be found at fault.

In the case of Epstein, though, the complete opposite happened. Not only were additional protocols not put in place, but the prison and staff did not even follow the most basic procedures.

With Epstein having already attempted suicide once, it would have been reasonable for the prison to set up 24/7 surveillance on him, but that did not happen.

Standard procedure is for the guards to look in on the prisoners once every 15 minutes if they are on suicide watch and once every 30 minutes if they are not — but the guards did not check on Epstein for hours. Now, we find out the cameras that were in place were not even functioning properly.

This, along with the coroner’s report, will have conspiracy theorists buzzing that this was not a case of suicide, but rather, Arkancide.

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