Report: FBI coverup over potential Hillary Clinton violations

The FBI under the care of James Comey and Andrew McCabe was a disgraceful institution.

Judicial Watch has just added to what we know about the disaster, reporting that they have uncovered emails discussing a chart of potential violations by Hillary and the reasons NOT to prosecute.

Bias is Clear

In a normal case, it is reasonable to assume if a chart such as this were to be made, it would be the points to be made for prosecution, not against.

However, with Trump-hater Peter Strzok being at the heart of the email chain, it is no wonder the investigative team was looking for reasons NOT to prosecute rather than find guilt when it came to Hillary Clinton.

What is worse, though, is the language makes it seem as though it was quite apparent the individuals had no intention of actually going after Hillary. In fact, they even used the phrase “keep these in his hip pocket.”

Now, if that phrasing does not sound shady, what does?

Reopen the Investigation

If there was ever a case to have this investigation reopened, this is it.

Clearly, the team working on this investigation was more interested in proving or creating a case where Hillary was not guilty rather than simply looking at the facts.

Mueller has been able to carry on his investigation for two years and has yet to uncover a single shred of evidence of actual collusion between Trump and the Russians.

Anyone watching the press conference Comey held is still scratching their head as to how Comey decided not to move forward with the case against Hillary.

Even before we knew all the facts of the investigation, it was clear Comey was protecting Hillary Clinton.

All kinds of legal experts had chimed in at the time that Comey had overstepped his authority by deciding the case against her was not strong enough for a conviction.

With this latest Judicial Watch report, our new Attorney General William Barr would be derelict in his duties if he did not consider opening up a new investigation with unbiased investigators to once and for all find out if Hillary is guilty or not.

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