Longtime FBI attorney resigns over role in Flynn case: Reports

The cards are all starting to fall now in the case against retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn.

Dana Boente, a seasoned attorney for the FBI who allegedly blocked key information that could have helped General Flynn, has tendered his resignation, according to JustTheNews.com — and he reportedly did so at the request of the higher-ups in the Department of Justice (DOJ). 

Rooting out corruption

The American people were promised that heads would roll in the DOJ’s probe of the origins of the infamous Trump–Russia collusion investigation — and it seems that is finally happening.

Boente, who has worked for the FBI for almost four decades, was ousted on Friday, according to JustTheNews.com.

The longtime FBI employee is alleged to have withheld exculpatory evidence in the Flynn case.

His resignation, which will go into effect on June 30, came after Fox News’ Lou Dobbs offered a report that blew the case against Flynn apart.

According to NBC News, Dobbs said in late April: “Shocking new reports suggest FBI General Counsel Dana Boente was acting in coordination with FBI Director Christopher Wray to block the release of that evidence that would have cleared General Flynn.”

FBI plays it off

While NBC has similarly reported the resignation was forced by the Justice Department, the FBI seems to be trying to play this off as a voluntary retirement by Boente.

“Few people have served so well in so many critical, high-level roles at the Department,” Director Wray stated on Friday, according to NBC. “Throughout his long and distinguished career as a public servant, Dana has demonstrated a selfless determination to ensure that justice is always served on behalf of our citizens.”

If, however, Boente is found to have purposely held back exculpatory evidence, he does not deserve to retire or receive benefits.

This is the problem we have seen before in government employees that leave office in disgrace; they are allowed to save face and tender their resignation rather than face investigation themselves.

If the reports are true, Boente will have violated the trust granted him, yet he still gets his full retirement package to fall back on. This man should be on a witness stand explaining himself — not retiring in comfort on the taxpayer’s dime.

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