FBI senior analyst fired but not prosecuted over alleged child pornography possession

The Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General disclosed on Tuesday that the FBI fired a senior intelligence analyst for alleged possession of child pornography, but declined to prosecute the analyst after the discovery. 

This announcement illustrates a disturbing trend within our intelligence agencies: a deeply entrenched culture that prevents wrongdoers from being prosecuted.

How can Americans trust our intelligence community when there is no accountability within the agencies?

No charges

According to the report, the analyst in question had admitted to an investigative team that they had viewed and downloaded child pornography several years ago. This kicked off an internal investigation that led to the analyst being fired.

The report detailed that the investigation determined the supervisor analyst had possession of child pornography but there was no reason given as to why charges were not pursued.

The report even specifically stated that the analyst had “knowingly possessed child pornography in violation of federal law and FBI policy.”

Upon publishing this report, the Justice Department and the FBI have declined to provide further information or commentary on the situation.

This is a troubling situation and a bad look for an intelligence community that is rapidly losing the trust of Americans around the nation.

Collapsing trust

Ever since the expansion of powers the intelligence community experienced after 9/11, trust in our investigative institutions has been on a steep downward trend.

The Russian collusion investigation into Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign that was launched by the FBI turned into a blunder that divided the country and wasted millions in taxpayer dollars.

By this point, many Americans see the intelligence community as a politically motivated, partisan organization that cannot be trusted.

The FBI and other intelligence agencies cannot afford more bad press. Analysts possessing child pornography is never a good look, and declining to prosecute such a despicable action reflects poorly on our entire government.

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