FBI agent in charge of election-meddling task force leaves agency

A key FBI agent has left the agency in the midst of a major investigation.

Jeffrey Tricoli, the agent in charge of the task force investigating Russian interference with U.S. elections, has resigned to take a job in the private sector.

The Task Force

Tricoli’s task force was put in place shortly after the election was concluded.

At the time, Director Christopher Wray stated, “We’re focused very much forward-looking at the next couple of election cycles.”

The Director was hoping the task force would enable the United States to get ahead of any attempts by the Russians to influence any future elections.

Where Do They Go Now?

Tricoli’s resignation will no doubt have a significant impact on the agency’s ability to investigate meddling into our elections.

With more than 18 years of experience, his shoes will be hard to fill.

Having said that, according to reports, the task force has yet to really come up with any solid evidence of wrongdoing.

One congressional intelligence panel staffer stated, “So far, there was not been a lot of substance yet from the task force.”

Tricoli reportedly left his position with the FBI to take a job with Charles Schwab.

Russian Investigation Update

Earlier this week, an indictment was announced in the Russia probe.

In all, 12 Russian intelligence officers are being charged for meddling in the presidential election.

However, while these agents have been indicted, there was no proof they actually impacted the presidential election one way or another.

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In addition, we have not been given any specifics by the Mueller team as to the exact nature of the meddling.

The only thing stated by Mueller’s team was that Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC computers were hacked.

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