FBI agent criminally charged with leaking documents to media

Jeff Sessions is finally bringing some rogue agents to justice.

A new report revealed the Justice Department has charged an FBI agent for leaking classified documents to news agencies.

The Rogue Agent

The agent being charged has been identified as Terry Albury.

According to the report, the agent is based out of the FBI’s Minneapolis office.

Albury allegedly provided a document to an unnamed reporter concerning activity of an FBI informant.

The document reportedly disclosed information about Middle Eastern individuals.

While the information itself has not been revealed at this point, the report did make note that Albury accessed the information published sometime between February 2016 and January 2017.


Because of the dates of Albury’s access, several publications have linked Albury to a January 2017 report published by the Intercept, called “The FBI’s Secret Rules.”

The Intercept published over a dozen classified documents, more than two dozen documents in all, during the February 2016 and January 2017 timeline.

Several publications have reportedly contacted the Intercept for verification, but the publication says it refuses to identify its anonymous sources.

Taking Blame

For his part, Terry Albury is taking full blame for disclosing the classified information.

He did so, though, believing he was exposing problems within the FBI as a law enforcement agency.

Albury’s attorneys stated, “Terry Albury served the U.S. with distinction both here at home and abroad in Iraq. He accepts full responsibility for the conduct set forth in the information.”

Terry Albury’s attorneys may have tipped their hand as to at least one angle of their defense, though, when they specifically mentioned his race when talking about “biases” in the agency.

The attorneys stated, “We would like to add that as the only African-American FBI field agent in Minnesota, Mr. Albury’s actions were driven by a conscientious commitment to long-term national security and addressing the well-documented biases within the FBI.”

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When Sessions first took office, he promised to go after leaks within the FBI and the administration as whole.

Up until this point, we have seen little movement, so it is nice to see Sessions finally deliver on his promise.

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