Fauci wants a negative COVID test for people coming off new 5 day quarantine period

In case you haven’t noticed, President Joe Biden and his administration have a COVID-19 testing crisis on their hands — a crisis that they’re clearly not capable of handling.

But according to the Washington Examiner, that hasn’t stopped Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Tony Fauci, from recommending that those coming off of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new five-day isolation period to provide a negative COVID-19 test before getting the all-clear. 

Just last week, the CDC shocked the nation by announcing that after two years of 10-day isolation and quarantine periods after a positive test, the duration would be shortened to five days.

Given that Fauci, as head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), often tosses out new guideline recommendations that are usually put into play, it’s like only a matter of days before the announcement of his suggestion is made by the CDC.


Fauci, during his weekend news program circuit, explained why he believes that those coming out of five-day quarantines should probably provide a negative test.

“There has been some concern about why we don’t ask people at that five-day period to get tested. The CDC is very well aware that there has been some pushback about that,” the NIAID director said.

He added: “Looking at it again, there may be an option in that, that testing could be a part of that, and I think we’re going to be hearing more about that in the next day or so from the CDC.”

Fauci would go on to explain that America is “definitely in the middle of a very severe surge and uptick in cases.”

Shocking contradiction

One of the primary reasons why tens of millions of Americans no longer trust Fauci, the Biden administration, or even the CDC, is because the three entities often release completely conflicting information with regard to pandemic guidance.

According to the New York Post, this happened again at the same time Fauci recommended negative tests for those coming out of quarantine. Around the same time, Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, admitted over the weekend that PCR tests can often display positive results weeks — and sometimes months — after an infected person’s virus dissipates.

Not only does that mean that millions of Americans have likely stayed in quarantine periods far longer than they had to, but it means Fauci’s requirement to provide a negative test after a five-day quarantine is ridiculous and maybe even an impossible suggestion.

Until the pandemic overlords actually begin to follow the science, not punish people who question the science, and all get on the same page as to how to handle this thing, confidence among the American people will continue to wane.

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