Fauci flip-flops again, now agrees with FDA’s decision to cancel booster shots

If Dr. Tony Fauci is an “expert” in anything, it’s the art of the flip-flop.

Because of that, it’s no wonder millions of Americans have an exceedingly difficult time believing anything the U.S. government recommends on the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Daily Caller, Fauci once again flipped and flopped on his booster shot guidance, now agreeing that the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recommendation against boosters is not a “mistake.” 

Just a few days ago, Fauci sang an entirely different tune. Go figure.

What’s he saying now?

Going totally against the Biden administration’s braggadocious plan that booster shots would soon be made available for all Americans over the age of 16, the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee nixed the idea after a committee vote last week.

Instead, the COVID-19 booster shots were only approved for Americans over the age of 65, and of course for those who have medical conditions that place them in a high-risk category for serious complications if they contract the virus.

Several days before the FDA’s bombshell booster shot announcement, Fauci went on the record of saying that “there’s very little doubt that the boosters will be beneficial,” — a quote that didn’t age well.

Fauci added at the time: “If they say, ‘We don’t think there’s enough data to do a booster,’ then so be it. I think that would be a mistake, to be honest with you.”

The flip flop

It was on Sunday during an interview with CNN that Fauci began backpedaling on his previous statements, telling host Jake Tapper — who actually called him out on it, surprisingly — that he now believes the right call was made.

“No, I mean, I – you know, what I was saying that mistake, my own personal looking at this, again, just because I look at the data and say I would do it this way, that’s the reason why we have qualified groups of people who together as a committee examine all the data and make a decision,” Fauci told Tapper.

Fauci added: “So I have no problem at all with their decision. The thing that I’m saying is that data will continue to come in and I believe you’re going to see an evolution of this process as we go on in the next several weeks to months.”

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Fauci isn’t following science, he’s following whatever the Biden administration is selling at the current time.

While it’s not surprising that Fauci is spending his time spinning his original opinions, as he’s gotten extremely skilled at doing so, it’s a shame that he continues to confuse America on a level that nobody ever saw coming.

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