Dr. Fauci: ‘It’s going to be a few weeks’ before coronavirus outbreak peaks

As the nation plunges into the most strict social isolation measures in its history, American citizens want to know that there’s an end date. Projections have ranged from weeks to years, but officials are reluctant to even allude to a timeline.

Infectious disease expert and White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci finally came clean on Friday and said that while it’s unclear how long it will take for the virus to peak, “there’s no question when you look at the various models, it is going to be a few weeks.”

Doomsday reporting

The mainstream media is doing its best to induce panic amongst the American people. Rather than report the whole story, they are often using the worst-case scenario to create a clickable headline.

For instance, several outlets have reported that close to two million people could die from this virus in the U.S. alone when all is said and done.

That number, however, is based on a model that does not account for a single precautionary measure being taken. Travel from China was shut down in January and over the next several weeks, travel was blocked from every other country experiencing high rates of infection.

Virtually every health expert involved in the frontline battle has conceded those actions are a major reason we have not yet seen a massive amount of deaths in our country.

Duration of the outbreak

Right now, we are seeing the actual number of confirmed COVID-19 cases go up significantly each day. In large part, this is due to more tests being available and faster test results.

As the labs catch up to the testing, the curve should level off and eventually start to go down, just as it did in China. However, due to the precautions taken in the US, our numbers should be far less.

Dr. Fauci addressed this issue recently, telling Fox News, “If you look at China [and] at what happened in South Korea and Italy, you see that the outbreak putters along and then it goes way up, peaks, then comes down. The height of the peak and the duration is influenced by the things you do to mitigate it. That’s why we’re doing it right now, the separation of people.”

“But the typical duration of an outbreak is measured in a few weeks. The China one was 6-8 weeks before it was really weighted down … there’s no question when you look at the various models, it is going to be a few weeks.”

To put this all into perspective, China is on the downslide of its curve and as of Saturday, there were slightly more than 81,000 cases and 3,255 death with a population of more than 1.3 billion.

However, Fauci also warned the American people during a Facebook live event with founder Mark Zuckerburg on Thursday that the U.S. is still in the “escalation phase” of the coronavirus outbreak.

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