Father of murder victim rips Ocasio-Cortez for supporting illegal immigration

The comments by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that Donald Trump is running concentration camps on the border is hitting home with many, including so-called “Angel” parents.

A parent who lost his son to a gunshot wound inflicted by an illegal immigrant in 2015 spoke out this weekend, shredding Ocasio-Cortez for both her comments as well as her support of the illegal immigration cause.

Take a look:

Preventable Crimes

Devastating crimes will happen in this country regardless of illegal immigrants being here or not. Nobody is doubting or even challenging that.

However, some crimes are preventable, such as the one that father described above.

Had that illegal not been in the country, his son would probably still be alive.

Dems, however, will try to sell you fate and pretend that an early and tragic death was that young man’s destiny.

Stop Encouraging Illegal Immigration

The overwhelming narrative from the young man’s parents as well as local politicians was immigration must no longer be used a political football.

The Democrats are encouraging more and more people to make the journey across our southern border. This is putting children and women at risk as well as overwhelming our border facilities.

Immigrants that are not supposed to be here are being released onto American streets. Even if a small percentage of them have evil in their heart, that is hundreds of Americans and legal residents that are being unnecessarily thrust into harm’s way.

Rather than continue to blow up Twitter, our politicians need to sit down and actually work their way through real immigration reform.

Trump has given Democrats two additional weeks to work through and approve border reform legislation, but how many more American lives will be taken at the hands of some of those that were tagged for deportation?

We simply cannot stand for further loss of life in this country simply because Democrats want to score political points.

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