Louis Farrakhan: Bill Gates wants to ‘depopulate the Earth’ with COVID-19 vaccine

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates and infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci now have something in common.

Both men were accused by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan of trying to “depopulate the Earth” by developing a vaccine for the coronavirus, as the Daily Caller reported.

Farrakhan slams vaccine initiatives

As the world continues to deal with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, most experts point to the emergence of therapeutics and an effective vaccine as the point when things will begin to return to normal, in both an economic sense as well as a societal one.

Both Gates and Dr. Fauci have touted large-scale vaccination initiatives that could be launched on a global scale once a drug has been clinically proven to stop the virus, but Farrakhan is skeptical of their motives.

“I say to my brothers and sisters in Africa, if they come up with a vaccine, be careful. Don’t let them vaccinate you with their history of treachery through vaccines, through medication,” Farrakhan stated during his annual July 4 address.

His accusatory warning was later posted to Twitter.

Pushes conspiracy narrative

Farrakhan asserted that figures such as Gates and Fauci are diabolically conspiring to control global population growth by disseminating vaccines that have been created by their hand-picked scientists.

Rather than rely on the likes of Gates and Fauci to stem the tide of the deadly coronavirus, Farrakhan wants to see his own team of virologists and epidemiologists assembled who can then verify the legitimacy, purpose, and safety of any vaccine that is intended for widespread distribution, the Daily Caller noted.

The vaccine narrative Farrakhan is pushing has been circulating among conspiracy theorists since the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, as CNBC noted.

However, such claims remain entirely unsupported by evidence, despite their apparent popularity in certain corners of the internet.

If President Donald Trump had made a claim of this nature, it seems highly unlikely that the powers that be at Twitter would permit it to remain posted to their site undisturbed — but then again, consistency isn’t exactly their strong suit.

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