Far-left Rep. Tlaib calls SCOTUS ‘fascist’

The so-called squad is continuing their attack on the U.S. Supreme Court following the series of recent court rulings that haven’t gone their way.

Last week, far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) openly declared the Supreme Court to be “fascist.”

The congresswoman tweeted:

Fascist SCOTUS guts the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon emissions, fight climate change. The federal government will be restricted from regulating anything of significance in the absence of a clear Congressional directive to do so.

The congresswoman retweeted a post from MoveOn that was of photographs of news headlines reporting on climate change.


Tlaib, here, was responding to a ruling made last Thursday by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The case had to during with the legality of a directive made in 2015 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The directive ordered coal power plants to do one of two things: to either reduce their coal production or find alternate forms of energy.

CNBC reports:

In its 6-3 ruling, the court said that only Congress, not the EPA, has the power to create a broad system of cap-and-trade regulations to limit emissions from existing power plants in a bid to transition away from coal to renewable energy sources.

Democrats are up in arms over the ruling because it makes it more difficult for them to use the federal government to enact their climate change agenda.

Tlaib gets roasted

Given this background, it probably occurs to you just how comical Tliab’s tweet is. Social media users certainly let her know about it. Charles C. W. Cooke was among them defining “fascism” for the congresswoman.

“Fascism. / (ˈfæʃɪzəm) / noun. A political system in which the courts prevent executive agencies from acting without clear Congressional directives,” Cooke wrote.

One of several Jeff Goldmans responded to Tlaib, writing, “… which is EXACTLY as the constitution defines the job YOU have. More time writing clear Congressional directives, less time tweeting.”

It’s pretty embarrassing stuff for Tlaib. But, it also tells you something about the current state of affairs in this country. Somehow, individuals are being elected to political positions who do not even understand how our country’s political system works. This needs to stop.

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