‘Fantastic data’: RNC chair cites encouraging trends observed at Florida rally

While recent polling has shown Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with a national lead over President Donald Trump, the latter’s return to the campaign trail following a COVID-19 infection might be turning the tides with just weeks left until Election Day.

Several thousand supporters showed up for a rally in Florida this week — and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the GOP obtained “fantastic data” from the event, as she tweeted on Monday.

Support beyond the Republican Party

Just one week removed from his weekend hospitalization for treatment of the virus, the president held a rally on Monday in Sanford, just outside of Orlando.

According to McDaniel, the diverse crowd included a total of nearly 16,000 registered voters.

Of that number, she noted that about 31.8% were not registered a Republicans. In fact, 16.3% of attendees were registered Democrats.

Furthermore, nearly a quarter of those identified in the crowd did not vote in the 2016 election. More than 14% had not voted at all during any of the four past presidential elections.

That information could mean that, as in 2016, Trump continues to attract support from either first-time voters or those Americans who are registered to vote but decline to participate in elections.

“Off to Pennsylvania and another BIG crowd”

While there has been some debate over the actual size of the crowd in Sanford, where the president appeared with Air Force One as a backdrop, the data cited in McDaniel’s tweet appears to be the best indicator regarding how many supporters showed up.

Reuters’ Steve Holland provided a snapshot of one section of the crowd.

In any case, Trump celebrated his return to the campaign trail and a “big crowd” with a “lot of enthusiasm.” He went on to look ahead to the following night, when it would be “off to Pennsylvania and another BIG crowd.”

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