Angry fans call for Fox News anchor Chris Wallace to be fired

While liberal, Chris Wallace has always claimed to tell the complete story regardless of ideology. But that promise went up in smoke over the weekend — and fans aren’t happy.

After Wallace purposefully omitted a crucial line from the New Zealand shooter’s manifesto in his reporting, fans of the Fox News host started calling for him to be fired.

Omission = Lie

Wallace has often been given the benefit of the doubt by conservatives simply because he works at Fox News.

He is clearly a liberal, but has more or less done a fair job of reporting — at least until Trump took office.

Wallace noticeably gushed over Hillary Clinton when she was in the chair across from him during interviews, and failed to ask a good follow up question on more than one occasion.

Put Trump in that chair, however, and Wallace was brutal.

Now, while reporting a story about the New Zealand shooting, Wallace purposefully omitted key information to more or less blame Trump for the shooting.

Thankfully, he was called out on it immediately by White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

While Mulvaney was rather calm in calling out Wallace, conservatives were not so nice on social media.

There was actually a massive swell of interest over the story, with many arguing that Wallace is now spinning fake news and saying that Fox should hold him accountable just as they have Jeanine Pirro.

Wallace should know better. Period. Not telling the whole story is the same thing as lying to the people of this country, and he should be better than that.

Blame the President

Today’s media tries to find a way to blame Trump for every little bad thing that happens.

The shooting in New Zealand and other mass shootings here in the United States were no more Donald Trump’s fault than they were Barack Obama’s.

However, the press tries to find a single word used by Trump to tie it to these evil individuals.

We have to wonder: Why did they not do the same thing with Barack Obama or George Bush or Bill Clinton?

Bill Clinton said some pretty questionable things throughout his political career, but nobody ever accused him of being a racist.

Barack Obama lost it on the press just as much as Trump when he was in office, but liberal media outlets never ripped him about it the way they do Trump.

Hopefully, one day soon, our press will get back to reporting the news rather than trying to make it fit into their own agendas.

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